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  • CoffeePot Crater

    CoffeePot Crater

    Isaac, Erica, and I took a drive out to CoffeePot Crater to check out the area and do some late-night astrophotography. We met up with some folks from a local off-road adventure club, and headed out to the crater around 8pm from Melba. We made surprisingly good time getting out there, arriving just as the…

  • Trip to NYC – July 2019

    Trip to NYC – July 2019

    I performed in Carnegie Hall last week. Yup, that Carnegie Hall. I sing second tenor with the Millennial Choir and Orchestra, and this year our summer tour was to NYC to perform at Carnegie. Christine and I flew out a few days before the concert and stayed a few days after so we could see…

  • Photos From Miami, FL

    Photos From Miami, FL

    This past week Xojo hosted their Xojo Developer Conference (XDC) in Miami, FL. I was lucky enough to be able to attend, and enjoyed the sessions as well as spending time with other Xojo users. It’s a great community! Of course I dragged my camera along with me, and was able to get a few…

  • July 4, 2018

    July 4, 2018

    Happy Birthday, America! [FinalTilesGallery id=’9′]

  • Gowen Thunder 2017

    This past weekend I took Isaac and Cambria to check out the Gowen Thunder air show.  We were seriously impressed with the entire show.  Isaac has decided that he is definitely going to be a pilot.  Cambria wants to as well. Huge kudos to everyone involved in putting on such a great show!   [FinalTilesGallery…

  • Total Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017

    Total solar eclipses are relatively rare.  They happen somewhere on the earth every few years, but on average it is more than 300 years before a total solar eclipse will be visible in the same place twice.  So, when I heard earlier this year that there was going to be a total solar eclipse passing…

  • Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – Quick Shots

    Have not had time to go through much of anything yet, but here are a few quick shots that I liked on first glance: [FinalTilesGallery id=’7′] Want some prints? You can order some here. 

  • Making Sparks In The Shop

    I had some time today to work on some of my long-overdue projects.  One of them was to fix the switch for my bandsaw (it was damaged during our move).  The fix involved cutting and shaping a new plate for the new switch to be installed into, and I grabbed this shot while cutting the…

  • Adelmann Mine, Idaho

    I had an opportunity to join Jim from and Darren from last night on a midnight hike to an old abandoned mine outside of Boise, Idaho.  The hike in and out is VERY steep, but completely worth it to get a shot like this:   The weather was perfect, with clear skies and excellent…

  • Willow Creek Campout with Troop 1

    Willow Creek Campout with Troop 1

    Isaac recently joined Boy Scouts Troop #1 in Meridian.  This troop has been in continuous operation since 1917, and meets at and is chartered by the local American Legion chapter.  The leadership is fantastic, and they have a great group of boys in the troop. This past weekend was the annual Willow Creek competition camp,…