Acerbic Resonance

There’s no substitute for a good subtitle.

CoffeePot Crater

Isaac, Erica, and I took a drive out to CoffeePot Crater to check out the area and do some late-night astrophotography. We met up with some folks from a local off-road adventure club, and headed out to the crater around 8pm from Melba. We made surprisingly good time getting out there, arriving just as the sun was setting. This allowed for some brief exploration of the area. Erica and Isaac hiked up to the top of a pretty tall mound of lava rock, and then Isaac and I hiked around the mouth of the crater together.

But the main reason we went out there, was to get away from the city lights so we could hopefully capture some good photos of the milky way. Here is the best shot I was able to capture from the evening:


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