Acerbic Resonance

There’s no substitute for a good subtitle.


Who Am I?

That is an interesting question – who am I?  I mean, really – there are so many ways to categorize or define oneself – What is your family like?  What sort of work do you do?  What sort of friends do you keep?  What sort of friend are you?  Where did you grow up?  Where do you live now?  Are you a defensive or aggressive driver? Glass half full, or half empty?  Faith?

Jeez – I don’t think I can get it all to fit here.

I’m principally a husband and father.  I also happen to write software, in lots of environments and using lots of different tools.  Most of what I write is not all that noteworthy, but I have cranked out a few gems.  (Which were summarily canned by the organizations which employed me at the time.  Punks.)

These days I work at Miridia Technology, Inc, where I supervise all the electrons.

I was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Yes, the “Mormons”), and served as a missionary speaking Vietnamese in Tacoma, Washington from March 1997 through March 1999.  However, I left the church (and all religion) a number of years ago.  Change in this regard is pretty hard.

I have a lovable but pretty dumb dog named Ginger.

I live in Idaho –  I never thought I’d wind up here…

I used to sing second tenor in the Boise chapter of the Millennial Choir and Orchestra (, but now sing lead with the Boise Chordsmen (

And, finally, I play the guitar.  Badly.