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Christmas Is Finally Here!

Well, we finally got around to hauling out all the decorations.  We wound up discovering this year that we had a lot of stuff we really don’t like at all. So, off I go to the local second hand store to drop off some old stuff we thought was pretty neat a few years back…

Tonight, we made the annual pilgrimage to the local tree lot.  Boy, they have a lot of really expensive trees.  So, we went instead to the nearest grocery store and got a great tree for a lot less money.

After we got home and got the munchkin in bed, off to decoration stations we went.  We got all the lights tested and on the tree, then all the new ornaments, then some of the old ones from years past.  ‘Twas quite an evening of Christmasy cheer.  We capped it all off sitting in front of the tree sipping some hot cocoa and discussing the finer points of Christmas Stocking Contents.  You can of course see pictures of the tree in the gallery.

Then, without warning, half the lights on the tree suddenly turned off. 🙁  Bummer.  Less than an hour’s use.  Looks like I’m off to the store again tomorrow to get a new strand of lights.

To quote my brother:  “Someday, we will all have LED strings and never have a problem again.”

Merry Christmas!
Dec 14, 2004 12:24 AM


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