Acerbic Resonance

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  • Unbelieveable Beauty All Around Us

    I don’t know about you, but my life is busy.  Between work, running errands, taking kids to and from where they need to be, trying to spend time with my family, and squeezing in some sleep now and then, I’m swamped. Lately, especially, I’ve felt like little more than a robot or automaton that is…

  • Erica Paints A Chicken

    Today after work Erica (10) asked me if I’d like to see how she paints a chicken.  For whatever reason, this struck me as an excellent opportunity to dust off the old camera and throw together a time-lapse. Here’s the setup:  Kitchen table, tripod, Canon 60D, 24-105L (later swapped out for a Sigma 15-30), using…