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Description Of Isaac – 6th Grade

Isaac came home from his first week of school with a homework assignment for his parents: “In a million words or less, describe your child.”  After doing the assignment for him, I thought it would be worth saving what I wrote.  Here it is, for all posterity:

Isaac is a vibrant young man full of a love for life and all things comedy. Blessed with the ability to see the world through the eyes of a comedian, he is constantly ready to make everyone around him laugh with a joke, quip, or quick observation of the absurd.

He also loves baseball, and has been honing his skills on the field in little league play for the last year. Someday I believe he’d love to either play second base for a major league team, or be the guy in the giant mascot suit helping the fans have a great time at the game.

Isaac also has a vivacious imagination full of the need to explore and create. He loves games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and SimplePlanes, all of which revolve around the idea of building something from raw materials and then using your creations to achieve the goals of the games. He is constantly sharing his latest virtual creations with the rest of the family, and they are impressive.

Isaac also has a naturally calm and caring disposition. He’s the peacemaker amongst our children, and is always ready to lift another who may be feeling down.

He is quite talented as a videographer as well. One of his favorite things to do is to make movies with his sisters or with a sketching program on his Nintendo DS. He shares his videos with pride with the family, and they are honestly very well done and very funny.

Isaac loves to watch shows such as Mythbusters with his dad. The exploration of myths as presented there appeals to his love of learning and natural curiosity – but he’s most interested in the explosions.

He is a voracious reader, and asks to go to the library at least once a week where he’ll pick up another huge stack of books, after spending time playing and researching on the library computers.

Most of all, Isaac is a joy to have in our family.


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