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Holiday Hats 2011

This Christmas, to help our children learn about charity and helping those around us, Christine came up with a fantastic plan to make hats out of fleece.  These hats are VERY simple to make – easy enough that our 4 year old has been every bit as involved as everyone else.  All that is needed to make a few hats is a pair of fleece pants (can be found at a local thrift store for a buck or 2) and some scissors.  Just cut a section of the pants leg off, cut some slits in one end, gather the end with the slits and then tie a small piece of fleece cut from elsewhere on the pants around the top of the hat.  The process is actually simpler than it sounds… Erica counted tonight, and we are up past 45 hats now!

Here are a few pictures of the process with our kids: (Check out all the shots on our gallery here)


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