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Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson Suggests Guam Will “Capsize”

So, during his bid for the presidency, Obama promised lots of transparency with his administration – stuff broadcast on CSPAN and whatnot.  Since taking office, this is only one of many, many promises that have simply turned out to be lies.

Now, I wondered quietly to myself why they would not want to broadcast the inner workings of the decision making progress to the American public – and I came up with a short list of reasons why – mostly centered around the concept that the American people are not all that gung-ho about their agenda.

Today, it appears, I was wrong.  The real reason they don’t want to broadcast anything is because they are complete and total morons, hardly able to string a few words together to express an idea:


You and I are paying this idiot $174,000 per year. This clip is from a hearing about the decision to move 8000 Marines to Guam.


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