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Danny Glover is an Idiot

Since the devastating earthquake last week in Haiti, I’ve heard all kinds of theories about what caused it and what should be done about it. Wasn’t long before the kook parade started.

The first moron I heard was Pat Robertson, who hardly waited 24 hours before announcing in all his wisdom that the reason for the earthquake is rooted in a pact with the devil made by the people of Haiti in order to free them French rule.

Seriously. According to Pat, God is pissed and finally doing something about it.

Today, though, I heard one that is even better. Washed up actor and activist Danny Glover claims that the real reason for the earthquake is because of all the damage we are doing to the planet with global warming. Americans drive cars, Haiti gets it.

If only we had done more in Copenhagen.

Makes perfect sense — if you are a nutjob.

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