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Incredicode Releases Game To Exercise, Not Atrophy Your Brain

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Contact: Kimball Larsen, President, Incredicode, Inc.

December 10, 2009  Boise, ID, USA: Incredicode, Inc. officially announces the availability of version 1.0 of inPictures for iPhone and iPod Touch users.  In stark contrast to many of the current gaming titles in the App Store, inPictures focuses on exercising your brain instead of simply driving a car or chasing a bad guy.  inPictures promotes use of your imagination, visualization, and reasoning skills in a unique and addictive way.

Many parents today are concerned about the effects of video games on the development of their children.  Games which promote violence, sex, drug abuse, etc are rampant and popular.  inPictures is Incredicode’s attempt to combat the trend of releasing yet another shoot-em-up by producing an addictive game that actually helps improve your cognitive and visualization abilities.

When asked about the creative drive behind this app, Incredicode’s lead developer responded: “I frequently see the world in ways that are unique.  I have always been fascinated by human visual perception of our physical surroundings, and I find myself observing life with a slant towards what I see, not what actually is.  Common objects often look like something completely different, and this is what inPictures captures – the ability to visualize the abstract within the mundane.”

Incredicode, Inc declares that within inPictures, “you will discover flowers that look like chocolates, cars that look like buildings, trains that look like zippers – and on and on.”

They continued: “Filled with over 230 beautiful, high-resolution photographs, gorgeous transitions, hand-picked thumbnails and thousands of clues, inPictures is sure to keep you busy discovering how things may not be what they seem for hours and hours.”

A sample video, description, and screenshots of inPictures gameplay are available at:

Pricing: inPictures is priced at $0.99, and is now available in the iTunes App Store:

Promo codes are available to reviewers upon request.

Device Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 3.0 or later.

About Incredicode, Inc.

Incredicode, Inc. specializes in delivering highly customized, elegant software solutions. Our focus on understanding your needs allows us to deliver solutions to drive your business forward.  With over 10 years of professional software development experience, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to meet and exceed your project goals.


2 responses to “Incredicode Releases Game To Exercise, Not Atrophy Your Brain”

  1. I just found this and want to express my oppinion.
    I really think that some games can make kids’ brain worse because I think it’s not sane watching all that colors and movements on a screen all the time.
    There are also some games that are not made for kids (not for adults either) because they’re too dark.

    Well, I think playing video games is not bar for kids.
    I love when my sons play Prof. Layton, for example. It makes their brains working.

    well, what I really love playing with them is MMO games and they’re so good for them. Now we’re playing (take a look here
    It’s about races, so it’s an appropiated theme, it’s about a movie we watched and loved, and in MMO games you have to communicate with others and this makes you improve your communication skills and social skills. You also learn usseful things about the Internet.

    So, play that game about Planet 51 and have fun. but play with your children, it will be funnier!!

  2. Poor grammar and spelling aside, David does make a good point here: Many games do not require a lot of thought to play – they are more or less glorified babysitters for our kids. So grab yourself a copy of inPictures from the apple App Store (it’s only $0.99) and spend some time playing it *with* your kids. It’s great for all ages, and will actually engage your kids creatively.

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