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There’s no substitute for a good subtitle.

This horse needs a dentist!

I admit it.  I’m not from the country.  I was raised in suburbia, USA, where seeing corn still on the stalk involved a 40 minute ride on the interstate, and horses were something we only saw up close at the fair.

Now I live in an area that was very recently mostly farmland.  My whole sub-division was part of a large farm just 4 years ago.  I’ve been going through a little bit of culture shock as I’ve gotten used to a more rural lifestyle – and I usually take it all in stride. 

But, driving back from a recent trip to Salt Lake, we stopped in a little town called Glenn’s Ferry to let my boy hit the john.  We saw the following sign, and I just had to take a picture:


I mean, really, did YOU know that you could have a promising career as a horse dentist?  Imagine the size of the drills they use on cavities!  (I’ll bet you could just get one at Home Depot!)  Oh, and forget the drills – think about the floss!  What do they use?  Twine?  Exactly where do I buy a horse toothbrush?  Just let them use the vegetable scrubber from the kitchen?

Ok, I’m being silly, I know.  I’m sure that horse dentistry is much more serious and important that I’m making it out to be here.  I just thought the sign was funny.

If you are interested in learning more about what real horse dentists do, here’s a link to the website for this place.


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